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Coronavirus Features - What Are Coronavirus (Covid-19) Most Known Features?
Information About Coronavirus Features

Coronavirus, which emerged in Wuhan, China, was first reported to be infected by animals, and then it was announced by Chinese officials that it was transmitted from person to person. So, what are the features of Covid-19 virus, which is declared as an “epidemic” by the World Health Organization?

Coronavirus Features

Let us take a closer look at the properties of the Corona (Corona) virus as a result of the research of scientists;

Coronavirus Features

1. First of all, we should state that the coronavirus was first discovered by scientists in 1960.

2. According to the data obtained, there are 400 species of Corona virus in total. Among 400 species, the total number of species threatening human life is 4.

3. One of the most familiar features about coronavirus is the incubation period of Covid-19. Briefly, the disease begins to manifest itself within 2 to 14 days after infection.

4. The coronavirus first manifests itself as a high fever, and then copes with coughs, headaches and a little diarrhea.

5. If the disease progresses, kidney and lung failure are encountered.

6. According to the statements of scientists of different countries, the Corona virus shows itself mostly in people 60 years and older.

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