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What is Humpback (Kyphosis)? Symptoms and Treatment
What is Humpback?

Humpback is when the back curvature rises above 50 degrees. We can also say that the body bends forward. The most important problem of people with humpbacks is the difficulty of standing upright and looking straight ahead. This causes both the person's effort and bad image. Later, pain problems occur and in a later stage go to pinching nerves.

The Effect of Humpback on Daily Life
It begins to manifest itself to a certain degree with pain. Another problem is that the clothes worn do not sit properly on top. Although it is said to stand upright because it does not cause pain at a young age, some young people do not take this into consideration, but at later ages, back pain will begin gradually. Especially in women, there may be an increase in these humpbacks and complaints after the menopause period.

What are the Causes of Humpback?
Spine degeneration with external factors,
Spinal fractures,
Inflammations around the spine,
Tuberculosis and spine infections,
Cancer diagnoses that may affect the spine,
Benign tumor diagnoses,
In children of development age, the growth cores in front of the spine are not growing enough,
It can be explained as paralysis diagnoses.

If posture disorder is not corrected, it will be permanent after the age of 18. Especially in girls, humpback is observed with the motive of shyness due to the development of breasts. The same happens in some tall boys. It is also found in sitting at the computer for hours and at desk jobs. Humpback due to posture disorder is the most common and can be prevented. Families should warn their children about correcting postures. Even posture exercises should be done. Reverse shuttle (lifting the body back) in the prone position is extremely useful. It strengthens the back muscles. Likewise, sports like swimming are also very useful. Swimming strengthens the entire spine. A local humpback may occur due to the temporary stopping or affecting of the growth cartilage of the spine. It creates a permanent hunchback. Surgical treatment may be needed when it crosses a certain angle.

How Is Humpback Diagnosed?
It is diagnosed by physical examination. When the person is naked above the back and waist, the doctor is observing from the side and front. At the same time, when the person is bent, his posture is also looked at. In problems that involve the spine, a film is made standing, on the front and on the one hand.

How Is Humpback Treated?
When it exceeds 50 degrees, an intense exercise program should be applied or physical therapy is applied. However, in increasing curvatures or curvatures over 60 degrees, only exercise may not be sufficient. Corset treatment is applied in this case, especially to people in developing ages. This keeps the body upright. Permanent and serious problems can arise when a curvature above 70 degrees is seen. In this case, surgical treatments come into play.

Can Humpback Be Prevented?
Exercises to prevent kyphosis can often be due to posture disorder. It is necessary to lengthen the short abdominal, chest and leg muscles and also to strengthen the muscles around the spine. Surgical treatment should be applied in patients with increased slope. While the hump is corrected with the surgical operation, the progression of the curvature can also be prevented. Especially in women, severe back pain and humpbacks can cause difficulty in breathing and psychological problems. It is very important to have a hump measurement and follow the shoulder by applying to the next one in cases where there is a high back pain and those who do not pass in this way and have had long back pain for a long time.

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