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7 vital things to consider in your personal care against the epidemic
7 Personal Care Tips That Save Lives in Health

In the days when epidemics occur, people need to be careful about their personal care in order to stay healthy and not cause others to get sick. You can provide your personal care by washing your hands, face, taking a regular bath and not disrupting your mouth cleaning. Here are 10 life-saving suggestions in your personal care so as not to catch epidemics such as coronavirus in your daily life ...

1. Hand - Nail Cleaning

Our hands are the most contact point of microbes and bacteria that pose a threat to our health. In addition to this, our body, which holds the most germs, fungi and bacteria in our body in our daily life, is also our hands. In addition to the epidemic disease periods, we should pay attention to the hand and nail cleansing most during the short-term flu infection periods that we are caught in seasonal transitions. Since the structure of our hands is moist, the microbes accumulated in these regions are always more than our other regions. When you come home from outside, you should definitely wash your hands with plenty of foam for 20 seconds before and after eating and rinse them so that they do not remain damp.

2. Face and Neck Cleaning

Face and neck cleaning is one of the most important places to be considered in your personal care. If possible, you can take a shower every day and clean your whole body with shampoo and shower gels. If you do not have such a possibility, you should at least care for your face, neck and ears. Because, by touching our face, ear, or even our eyes many times in our daily lives, we cause microbes to form in these areas. That's why we should be very careful about face and neck cleaning.

3. Hair Care Cleaning with Shampoo

As we mentioned above, we should definitely take a shower in order to get rid of diseases and microbes and for this we should pay attention to the cleaning and care of our hair. At any time when you are outdoors, we are involuntarily hosting the germs that cause disease in our hair through direct contact and air.

We would like to point out that you should use plenty of water and shampoo while taking a bath. If you are thinking about what type of shampoo we should use for your hair care, you can choose ozone shampoos. With Diamond Hair Ozonic daily shampoo, you can purify the germs in your scalp. You can massage your hair every morning and evening and take a very important measure in your personal care.

4. Oral Care Cleaning

In sickness - epidemic periods, we also have to do oral care cleaning quite well. If we consider that the digestive system starts in the mouth, we should pay a lot of attention to oral hygiene. While we are outside, we can touch our hands and face the danger of directly infecting microbes. If you have the opportunity, you can brush your teeth outside and rinse your mouth and gargle. If you do not have the opportunity, you can perform the first hand and nail, and then oral care.

5. Foot Care Cleaning

Perhaps our feet are the place where the air flow is the least in our body and we are standing permanently closed. Whatever happens, we have to perform washing every day during foot care cleaning, which is among the first in personal care methods. Use plenty of soap while washing the feet and then definitely rinse well. Because moist areas are very risky in fungal formation. You should also pay particular attention to the preferences of shoes and socks, so that the feet do not smell and fungi form.

6. House Cleaning

In personal care, we should also pay attention to the general cleaning of the house as much as we care about the cleaning of our body. The places touched by everyone entering the house are the most dangerous places for the formation and contamination of microbes. Just as we should not do body cleaning randomly, we should also do house cleaning with great care. It will be sufficient for you to ventilate your rooms for 25-30 minutes every day, change the bedding you have every 2 days, and keep the humidity at 10-15 percent.

7. Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is as important as our personal care, which must be cleaned at home. In our kitchens where we cook, you should definitely keep the lid of the trash closed. In addition, you should immediately wash the dishes without waiting - without smelling, and keep the interior of the kitchen cabinets clean enough.

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