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What is Panic Attack? What are the symptoms and treatments? - information - 03-18-2020

What is Panic Attack?

"Panic attack" is the discomfort that occurs in seizures with feelings of extreme fear and anxiety. In addition to fear and anxiety, these seizures can accompany problems such as shortness of breath, sweating, and compression in the chest area. In these attacks, people sometimes experience intense effects that can be referred to the emergency room. In panic attacks that are often confused with a heart attack, when the stressful events or situations are removed from the person, the attacks decrease or stop. If the attacks last longer and become more frequent, this turns into anxiety disorder. Stressful events in our lives trigger a panic attack. Stress continues with physical symptoms along with intense anxiety. It is not clear when anxiety will occur. Attacks usually last around 10-20 minutes. However, it may take longer for the symptoms to disappear completely. Most people may experience panic attacks 1-2 times in their lives. Experts say that this can happen in every person. However, when the attacks increase, it turns into anxiety disorder and in this case, expert help is required.

Panic Attack Symptoms
There are more than one factor among the "panic attack symptoms". These symptoms are among the most curious issues of panic attack patients. So, what are the symptoms of panic attacks? If there are at least 4 of the 13 panic attack symptoms below, the person is likely to have panic attacks.

Here are the symptoms of panic attacks;

Start of heart palpitations - a fairly hard beat of the heart
Fever and chills that come with sweating
Difficulty during breathing
Don't think you will faint with dizziness
Abdominal pain accompanied by nausea
Having breathlessness and deep breathing from fear
Pain in the chest
Don't be self-conscious and can't feel yourself
Don't think the environment is far from reality
Don't be afraid to die
Don't think he'll go crazy
Experiencing numbness in some parts of the body
Feeling alienated from the environment
Fear of having a stroke
inability to swallow
How a panic attack occurs

Panic Attack Treatment
"Panic attack treatment" is generally used in drug therapy and therapies. In the therapies, situations that cause stress and anxiety in the person are revealed and ways to eliminate these situations are sought. In addition, with the sedatives and antidepressants recommended by the doctor, the situations experienced during the attack are tried to be brought under control. In general, the things that will help you control anxiety states are; avoiding alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and coffee trigger anxiety and panic attacks because they have an effect that increases anxiety states. In addition, you need to try to stay away from stress and regulate your sleep in your daily life. You can deal with the stresses in your daily life with activities that will help you stay away from stress or take it under control. It is one of the factors affecting your situation during the day in your sleep quality. That's why you shouldn't eat, smoke or drink alcohol before going to sleep. You should not have a television in the environment where you sleep, and you should create an environment that can be dark and have high sleep quality.